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First of all, you should study the competition on Google, which is not always equivalent to offline competition. Tools such as Ahrefs or Senuto can help you determine your competition directly from Google search pages. In the competition analysis, it is worth comparing: links (quantity, quality, type) assortment volume (number of products and categories) category descriptions (number of described categories, length of descriptions) blog entries (number of blog entries, length, effectiveness) In addition to assessing the current state, it is worth verifying the strategies of competitors in these areas last year: how many links did they get? What type and quality? How many blog entries have been created? And so on. be an assessment of the portal’s position in relation to competing websites and the determination of actions necessary to catch up with the competition.

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The competition analysis will be the verification of technical and optimization solutions used by the competition. Keyword analysis The goal of keyword analysis is to identify priority keywords. The result of keyword analysis should be: assigning Palestinian Territories Email List keywords to key subpages on the website j (home page, service/category pages, blog entries) a suggestion to expand the category structure on the website so that it fully reflects valuable keywords and phrases . For example, if we have a category “living room furniture”, it would be a sin not to include a keyword for subcategories such as “living room chairs”, “living room tables”, “coffee tables”, etc.

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Topics for the blog + related keywords and phrases When assessing the value of keywords and a specific phrase, one should take into account their matching to the searcher’s intentions. Potential (number of searches), competitiveness and current positions. Read more: keywords selection and analysis . Set SEO goals Based on the analyzes carried Bab Directory out, be sure to develop an SEO strategy . The strategy should primarily take into account your budget and processing capacity. The problem of limited processing capacity can be easily solved by outsourcing some of the tasks. The budget is more complex. If the project is already developed, the effects usually cover the costs.

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