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The overriding goal of each implemented improvement is the user and the desire to provide him with the most adapted and comprehensive answer to the question he asked. This is one of the reasons why MUM is also tested for bias in the information it provides, which, of course, is inadvisable. Interestingly, the technology is also tested in terms of carbon footprint and adapted to the latest standards to leave it as little as possible. MUM a SEO As with any algorithm, it is difficult to predict its impact on search results, especially before implementation. Nevertheless, the available documentation allows us to conclude that the industry needs to prepare for a change in positioning approach.

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Allows reading and understanding various sources of information, as SEO specialists, we will have to put more emphasis than before on optimizing images, audio and video materials. will affect the appearance of Direct Answer, i. the so-called zero Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List position. It can take a more extensive form, rich in various types of materials. In addition, users who will notice the change in the provision of information and will be satisfied with it, may naturally start to say or enter more complex queries into the search engine. As a consequence, this will make long tail phrases more popular.

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Will use longer descriptions in their search for answers, and the way of formulating sentences characteristic of an individual. Will make it difficult for positioners to analyze keywords. MUM implementation deadline According to official information. Testing improvements based on the Multitask Unified Model will take months Bab Directory or even years. So it seems that the SEO industry still has time to prepare for the changes. Let’s remember, however. That Google likes to surprise us How to verify whether the SEO/SEM. Agency for e-commerce is able to achieve the assumed goals? From this article you will learn What elements should not be missing in the offer of a performance agency.

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