The second trend I see is the departure of marketing

The last good case I saw was the CodeWise company and its president Robert Gryn – instead of long-term work on the company’s brand as an employer, they showed Robert’s life and his attitude towards employees, how the office works, etc. Thanks to this action, they gained much more recognition , PR and hype, than by simply throwing money to promote the company’s brand and encourage participation in recruitment. processes to marketplaces, i. various types of aggregates. And it is logical – online marketing is an expensive and complicated thing, and very rarely any small company can afford to do it qualitatively on its own or by hiring an agency.

Currently we can see it for example

In the hotel industry, where the key channel for acquiring new customers is booking. Instead of building their website, optimizing it, dealing with SEO or SEM, the hotel simply starts working with Booking and they do everything for them, and do it better. It is the same with doctors (ZnanyLekarz) or hairdressers (Booksy), etc. If you have a MarTech product Indian Phone Number List or marketing service aimed at small businesses, there is a good chance that you will be without a business in a few years, Grzegorz Miłkowski, CEO of ContentHouse Which training or conference in 2017 was the best for you and why? The most interesting for me was the Marketing Academy, because I was its organizer.

Seriously and objectively: in addition

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Our conference, I can point out the IAB Forum, Filmteractive, Mail My Day, InternetBeta – in my opinion, these are the best conferences in terms of content. Which advertising campaign impressed you the most and why? The Showmax campaign and the introduction of this platform to the Polish market made the biggest impression on me. From Bab Directory zero product awareness at the beginning of the year to more familiarity than Netflix in just a few months. What disappointed you the most in 2017 and why? I was disappointed with the further evolution of Facebook – it is ideologically departing from the social platform and heading towards ordinary advertising space.

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