The study consisted of a free bracelet being added

If on the other hand, we expected some reward and did not receive it, the level of dopamine in the brain drops drastically, which is felt by the brain as pain. Other engaging elements Ad recipients pay attention to: ORIGINALITY The human brain is looking for what is new and previously unheard of. MISTAKE A message with a deliberate error will stand out from other messages. However, there is a high risk of using such techniques. ambiguity We love puzzles and content that requires us to engage . We focus on curiosity and the fact that we can’t solve the puzzle. Which attracts attention for longer and stays in the memory.

A post on Facebook with ambiguous graphics

That you have to look at to see all their elements – this type of creations can be the key to success! An advertisement for a razor referring to the new subway line in Warsaw – an example of RTM content Free – emotional G-spot in marketing? Priya Raghubir (prof. New York University Stern School of Business) in her research analyzed the evaluation of Macau Email List the value of freebies by customers. to alcohol in a duty-free shop, and subjects were asked to estimate its value. People who had information that it was included for free. Valued it 35% cheaper than those who were shown it regardless of alcohol. Be careful with freebies. A free gift can mean for. The customer that since it costs nothing, it has no value.

The cathedral effect – put everything

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Important on top This is one of the principles of creating graphics. The most important elements should be placed higher in most cases! Why? Due to the so-called the “cathedral effect”. Just like when visiting the cathedral. As soon as you enter, your eyes turn upwards. It’s the same with photos and banners. The Mercedes Benz brand as an example of Bab Directory style consistency What product to advertise on the graphics? Although it’s probably hard to imagine data-driven graphics, these are the most converting. When creating graphics for clients, we start with data analysis: market, e.

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