The training prepared by Mark Zuckerberg’s company

Similarly to the courses discussed earlier, Facebook also prepared the possibility of obtaining a certificate after completing the course. will be a good option for all interested people who want to learn more about advertising opportunities on one of the largest social networking sites in the world, as well as popular messengers such as Messenger or WhatsApp. This option is also useful for those who want to develop their knowledge in the field of marketing, creating campaigns and advertising on the Internet. Facebook Blueprint Blueprint is a platform where we can find training courses for marketing agencies, small companies. Students and even non-profit organizations.

For all the above-mentioned entities

Prepared dedicated courses that will allow you to learn about the advertising and tool potential of your applications. Hours spent on learning will certainly improve the qualifications of all those who want to develop in the area of ​​marketing and sales Sweden Business Email List on platforms belonging to Facebook. Facebook Blueprint – PPC training source: :facebook/business/learn/courses What opportunities do we have and what has Facebook prepared for us? For all those willing to develop their skills, Facebook has prepared free practical courses on marketing and generating sales. The courses are divided into six parts, in which all aspects of proper marketing are discussed.

Such as defining the persona

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Setting marketing goals, planning promotional activities. Creating strategies, building relationships with recipients, or even optimizing activities. How to get a certificate? Facebook has prepared the possibility of obtaining a certificate for all willing people who want to take part in testing their knowledge. The Facebook Bluerprint Bab Directory certification consists of 9 different types. The certificate can be obtained in areas such as. Junior Facebook Digital Marketing Specialist Facebook Marketing. Research Specialist Facebook Ad Strategy Specialist Facebook. Campaign Planning Specialist Facebook Media Buying Specialist Facebook Marketing.

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