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The importance and principles of expanding the category structure of a website for SEO how to prepare website content that will help you climb to the top of Google search pages what on-site optimizations are particularly important and what to keep in mind internal linking – number of internal links and other factors how to ensure proper (and effective) link building what is the importance of user experience from the point of view of SEO? Perform key SEO analysis According to the Pareto Principle, 20 percent of the actions account for 80 percent of the results. It’s hard to deny that. The positioning of websites is also no exception. The scope and complexity of SEO activities is getting bigger every year.

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Nuggets from this river … and not let yourself be carried away by the silt lying on its bottom. My version of the Pareto rule? In practice, I spend 80% of my time on planning and analysis, while 20% of my time is devoted to implementation issues. The key Palau Email List principle of positioning (SEO) is to set a goal. Before doing so, however, it is essential to know the current state of the project . Three analyzes are the most important: SEO audit, competitor analysis and keyword analysis. SEO audit An SEO audit is aimed at examining the condition of your website.

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Paid to technical, optimization and content-related issues (more information about them later in the article). It may also be important to verify other issues, such as UX optimization, the effectiveness of individual sections and subpages of the Bab Directory website, measures of user engagement on the website … and whatever else you consider necessary. The result of the SEO audit should be a list of SEO and optimization activities with a specific priority. Deadline and company/person responsible for implementation. Read more: SEO audit . Competition analysis Competitive analysis is designed to compare your site to competing sites.

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