The value of the entire market is estimated at PLN 50 billion

In short, for all those who use Google Ads to acquire customers . First of all, this is great news for the entire e-commerce market, which is growing more and more dynamically every year. Currently, the percentage of Internet users buying online in Poland is 62% – 6 pp more than a year ago (56% in 2018 and 54% in 2017). . For a better understanding of the growth dynamics, it is worth recalling that in 2015 it was about PLN 30 billion. It’s no secret that today’s customer is a demanding customer. The average user conversion path is getting longer and more complicated.

Very often in shopping behavior

We are dealing with the ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline), i. searching for information about products, services and the company in the network (online), the purchase of which is made in a traditional store (offline). One of the biggest Kazakhstan Email List headaches for marketers and business owners is estimating what percentage of offline customers come from online activities. What is the return on investment (ROI and ROAS)? Which channel is worth investing in. These are the most common questions we all ask ourselves in such situations.

Google has been working on introducing

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A service to Poland for a long time, thanks to which we will be able to combine in the report visits to traditional branches, all those who previously looked for information. About products or a company in the. Search engine and displayed or clicked Google Ads ads. What exactly is it about? Store Visit Conversion estimates the number of visits Bab Directory based on smartphone location history. The user must also be logged into a Google account. According to official data, currently there are about 98% of logged in users on. Mobile devices and 70% on desktop computers. The Mountain View giant ensures. That the data is based on anonymous aggregate statistics and. It will not be possible to associate visits with clicks and ad impressions with specific people.

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