Then we focus on bidding TOP3 items for the most important product

Such a campaign management model causes us to lose part of the margin, additionally increasing the amount of costs related to the presence on the website or bidding on TOP items. How to approach campaign management? Therefore, to optimize activities, we can use product feed files and exclude from them products that are not attractively priced and those with a low level of margin and low price, so as not to generate costs resulting from the promotion of these products. group. In terms of optimizing activities, it will also be important to monitor the offer in terms of the number of competitors.

If there is no competitor for a given

Product or there are less than 3 competitors, you can exclude such products from the TOP items auction in order to avoid additional costs that reduce the profitability of the project. What are the limitations and difficulties in configuring and optimizing activities on Ceneo? The issue of optimization and campaign management becomes more Tunisia Email List complicated the more products you have in your e-commerce. With a large assortment, having thousands of products in the store, you need a lot of time and resources to be able to optimally conduct activities and effectively use the advertising budget. The Ceneo system does not provide an infrastructure that allows. You to easily manage the assortment and use 100% of the tool’s potential.

Often the optimization of activities

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Ceneo is very tedious, so you need a lot of time. If you want to run a profitable campaign using this platform. All the previously mentioned optimization solutions have to be done manually and analyze very large amounts of data. What’s more, Read the rest of the article and learn how to get. Help in running a campaign on Ceneo and its Bab Directory further development. Using the software of the official partner – Centeo. What is the Centeo system? Centeo is software that allows you to automate processes related to the optimization and development of campaigns on Ceneo.

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