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Where customers ask other buyers before purchasing a product and is also a channel for communication. So we need to have a more professional reply here: 6. review We can directly download the comments in batches through the tool for analysis: 7.ST Keywords are the core of listing and the basis for promoting products. It can be said that whether a product can be promoted depends on whether the keywords are buried correctly.

When the keywords are found

 If the keywords are buried correctly, accurate traffic will come, which can greatly improve conversions. Reverse search keywords First, we find some of our direct competing products, and after counting them, we condu Phone Number List  back-checks on the keywords one by one. Select keywords in the seller wizard to perform a reverse search. , we count them, and then we sort them according to the popularity and search degree of the keywords.

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 Bury the keywords we have compiled into our listing. Disclaimer: The content of the article does not represent the position of this site. , implication or commitment to the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of its content. It is for readers’ reference only. The BAB Directory  copyright of the article belongs to the original author. If the content of this article affects your legitimate rights and interests (content, pictures, etc.

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