There are rumors that some players finished their tournament

Promo Fun composed of: Sebastian Budacz, Jakub Burda and Robert Stolarczyk. Everyone gave their best, we took no prisoners. The more so because we were motivated by a noble cause – the meters we ran were converted into PLN, and the amount obtained in this way was donated by the PKO BP Foundation to support children from orphanages. By the way, it should be noted that we presented ourselves quite well. The PromoRockets runners placed in the first half of the pack, covering 36.5 laps in an hour. While the PromoFun team managed less than a lap less in this time.

It is worth remembering that such results

Would not have been possible without the support provided by our HR Business Partner Agnieszka Duliban-Rokita. Well done us! The second edition of the FIFA 2019 tournament Autumn began to make itself felt, and instead of despairing, we decided to use the bar weather to sit in front of the Xbox without remorse. 5 pm on a Friday is always Hong Kong Email List a moment that is eagerly awaited, but this time the emotions reached their zenith throughout the day. There were 8 daredevils who chose their favorite teams and divided into 2 groups. In the finals, Sebastian Budacz, triumphant in the first edition, and Krystian Kucharski. Who was always hungry for success, competed.

This time Krystiano and his FC Barcelona

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Turned out to be better. Congratulations! Some had to celebrate successes, others swallow the bitterness of defeat, and Friday evening was equally favorable to everyone. at 6 am the next day… Integration outing and Boyfriend’s Day On Bab Directory the occasion of his last Friday at Promo Traffic, Maciek Matowicki invited us for an excellent craft beer. We started our adventure with a group of specialists with a meeting at the Market Square. Innocent tastings ended on the dance floor. One was triggered by John. Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. Another from Grease , and yet another from Pulp Fiction.

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