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This allows you to quickly prioritize changes. It is also possible to enable notifications in the “Settings” that will keep you informed about the change in the optimization result. of Google Ads campaigns and make improvements at any time. account information – screen from the panel dark mode Another novelty is the introduced dark mode, which can be easily enabled in the “Settings” of the application. An additional advantage of this mode is the fact that if dark mode is already enabled in the phone settings, it will also be automatically activated in the application. What’s new in Google Ads in 2021 Everything indicates that in 2021 there. Will be an increasing emphasis on automation in Google Ads.

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Your optimization score and implement the recommendations available in your accounts on an ongoing basis, allowing you to quickly increase the effectiveness of your ads. Responsive Search Ads as the default ad type on the Google Search Network Effective February, Responsive Search Ads became the default ad type on the Google Search Network. Responsive ads, which use machine learning to automatically select the best combination India Business Email List of headlines and descriptions, have replaced Expanded Text Ads as the default ad type. Changing how keywords are matched Broad Match and Phrase Match (BMM) keywords have also changed. The keywords in both of these matches begin to match the same keywords searched on the Google search network.

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Increase in page traffic when using phrase match. Keywords and a slight decrease in the number of sessions per page for BMM match keywords. There will also be a new expression match type to replace BMM. In this case, the phrase match keywords used will continue to work. Summary In Google Ads, there are updates on all types of Bab Directory campaigns: Search Network campaigns. Display Network campaigns, Video campaigns and Shopping campaigns. New solutions provide more and more possibilities in terms of reaching a potential customer. As well as measuring the effectiveness of advertising activities. We see an increasing emphasis on intelligent advertising strategies and the attractiveness of creation.

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