This also applies to SEO specialists working in the agency

Outsourcing of SEO activities – rules If you are in a managerial or senior position, then you certainly should not personally deal with SEO activities. on many projects or in-house for particularly complex websites. Your time is valuable. Probably so valuable that outsourcing SEO services will be more profitable for you. One solution is to commission only part of the activities, e. link building, looking after search results, creating content or performing website optimization. If you can find someone who will do something cheaper than you or your employee – outsource. Focus on strategic and especially specialized activities.

Another solution is to fully entrust

The SEO project to an agency. In such a situation, the SEO agency will take over the project from A to Z. The key will be the selection of the right SEO agency. Read more: how to choose an SEO agency for e-commerce? However, this does not mean that you can completely withdraw from the project in such a situation. Remember that you should be Portuguese Timor Email List present at least when determining the strategy of SEO activities and assessing the effects. Prepare the working environment The SEO project involves the client with its employees, the SEO agency with its specialists and, most often, numerous subcontractors (copywriters, people dealing with obtaining links, IT specialists, translators, etc.

The problem grows with the scale

Email List

The project. The multitude of tasks and people directly or indirectly involved in the project can quickly lead to chaos. Fortunately, this can be easily prevented by preparing the right working environment. How it will look depends on your needs. In the Promo Traffic SEO department, we use the following tools: Client cooperation panel – Promo Bab Directory Traffic’s proprietary project management tool. The tool contains in one place a complete set of information about current and historical activities carried out for a given client (including optimization, creating content for search engines and others). Each activity type has a dedicated tab.

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