This day also became the National Day of the United

It is like a “fire in winter”, igniting the enthusiasm for consumption around the world. Under the impact of the epidemic and the economy, although the public is cautious about consumption, according to NRF’s forecast, from November to December, holiday retail sales in the United States will increase by 6%-8%, reaching 942.6 to 960.4 billion US dollars . According to the latest news, Italian Black Friday online shopping sales increased by 130% year-on-year; Shopify said that merchant sales hit a Black Friday record, an increase of 17% over last year; the British fashion retailer’s online transaction volume increased by 5%. new impetus.

Cross-border e-commerce must seize

The opportunity, make preparations, and deploy hot-selling products in advance to win the overseas market. Xiaowei collected and sorted out the important festivals and some major marketing nodes in mainstream overseas markets in December, to help overseas merchants plan their ideas in advance and prepare for the battle! 01 On December 2, the Qatar Mobile Number List UAE National Day hot-selling categories: festive clothing, atmosphere props After the British invaded the Persian Gulf in 1820, they forced the seven local emirates to sign a “permanent truce” with them, called “Trusil Oman” , and gradually became a British protectorate. On March 1, 1971, the United Kingdom announced that the treaties signed with the emirates.

The Persian Gulf would be terminated

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The end of the year.  Arab Emirates. Every year on this day young and beautiful. Women will stand in a row in colorful costumes and dance hair swings. Men will perform Ayala dance, a traditional folk art of the United Arab Emirates. Marketing Bab Directory suggestion: You can choose items related to festivals on the product. Such as national flags, ribbons, festival costumes, etc. 02 December 5th, Thailand’s King’s Day Hot-selling categories: clothing, atmosphere props, gifts The king has a supreme status in Thailand.

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