This field allows you to add text up to 30 characters with spaces

Users who are considering downloading the application also pay attention to its average rating. Reviews and comments mean even more than ratings . Google Play’s algorithm indexes user reviews to check for possible keywords. Therefore, reviews have an impact on organic results and it is worth using them to optimize the application. App Store optimization – i. positioning on the Apple platform The App Store also has its console, thanks to which you can add an application to the store. It should include information about the application so that it can be properly presented in the store. Ranking factors on the Apple Store include: application name – as in the Google store, it is also one of the key ranking factors in the App Store.

The name of the application

In addition to its title, should contain the main keyword. Apple doesn’t make it easy for us because the title can contain a maximum of 30 characters with spaces. subtitle of the application – if due to too few characters, you have not managed to put Eritrea Email List all the relevant information in the title, then the subtitle can be a supplement to it. . The icon and other graphic elements – their role is the same as in Google Play – are to attract attention and convince to install. The most important is of course the icon, because it is displayed first.

Long description  in the App Store

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It is also possible to add a description of up to 4,000 characters with spaces, but it does not directly affect the position of the application in the search results. However, creating it can be an additional support for the conversion. Since the text is developed in the App Store, the first keywords are the most important here and will determine the Bab Directory user’s attention. Keyword field – this element is available only in the. App Store and despite the fact that it is not visible to users. It is of great importance from the ASO point of view. We supplement the keywords field with phrases that users will probably enter when searching for our application.

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