This helps to block unnecessary mentions

Use require words Require words are additional words or phrases that must appear in the found entries along with the keyword . In this way, they help to collect in the case of ambiguous expressions, because they limit unnecessary entries by filtering mentions at the stage of their collection. How can their use look like in practice? Let’s assume that I have an Olimp restaurant – it’s certainly not a universal name. Therefore, in order to refine the search, you could add a require word next to the key phrase, e.g. restaurant, food. Then my design could look like this: I adde these words in three lines for a reason. With this configuration, entries of the following type will fall into my project.

The most precise results

My favorite restaurant Olimp The best Italian cuisine only in the Olimp restaurant ! Olimp – here the food is more than good. If I type those 3 words database require in one window, the sample results above would not appear in my project. This is because in ( Olympic) and require (restaurant, restaurant, food) would have to appear all together in a single entry. Posts containing a keyword and only one require word would be skippe. Otherwise, you can monitor the Olimp restaurant without the require words, but only using the filters inside the tool.


This configuration the keyword

OR separators will cause the results to show BAB Directory entries that contain at least one of the words entere in the filter. 2. Use exclude words On the other hand, Internet monitoring allows us to exclude expressions that cannot be combine with a keyword. already at the stage of their collection, because it shows in what context your keyword should not appear.

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