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Google Keyword Planner Keyword planner is the basis of every SEO specialist’s work. ), so first of all we get first-hand information on the average number of keyword searches per month. That’s not all: Google has expanded this tool a bit more, with a very useful function, which is suggestions for additional keywords , thanks to which you can build a strategy for expanding your visibility with new phrases. In addition, some time ago the Google keyword planner was enriched with the option of grouping results, thanks to which we can, for example, deselect brand phrases. A big downside of this SEO tool is that we can only check 10 phrases at a time, and if we don’t have an active Google Ads account, Google will only show us ranges of average keyword searches, e.g. from 100-1000, which is very imprecise and not very helpful.

Returning to the advantages, instead of phrases

We can also provide the domain URL and check potential phrases that can be used for positioning. Google Trends Another free keyword research and analysis tool is Google Trends. It allows you to determine the popularity of a given keyword in search results in a given country. Thanks to this, we will be able to indicate which specific topic Russia Business Email List is the most popular and plan the schedule of activities – not only in the case of SEO, but also Google Ads. Importantly, the tool does not show a specific number of searches for phrases, but determines their popularity in points from 1 to 100. SEMrush SEMrush is another very popular and valued tool. Thanks to which we can analyze the results of SEO campaigns on our and competitive projects.

Semrush is great at keyword

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Monitoring and link analysis, which makes it as versatile as Ahrefs. SEO specialists often use the Limit research tab to check the effectiveness of their campaigns. We can here: filter positions by lost, increases, decreases and new ones check. Keywords and subpages that bring the most traffic to the site, get to know. Competitors who have the Bab Directory most keywords in common with our site. Of course, along with the number of these words verify. The number of SERP Features on which our website is displayed. In “Keyword Gap”, Semrush allows us to list competing pages and check. Keywords for which our site does not yet have visibility. This is very helpful both in monitoring the competition’s strategy and in planning your own activities.

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