This is an area of ​​SEO where we often make mistakes

A team of over 50 e-commerce experts supports the rapidly growing brands of the Polish e-commerce industry, and the effects of the agency’s work are recognized in the form of numerous awards in national and international industry competitions, including European Search Awards. Would you like to know what internal linking is and is it worth including in your SEO strategy? Find out how it differs from external linking? Or maybe learn about the advantages it gives us and what tools we use to study it? I will try to answer these and other questions later in the article.

If you want to learn more about internal

Linking, please read on In this article you will learn: What is internal linking? What is the difference between internal linking and external linking What do we gain thanks to internal linking? What tools to study internal linking are worth using? Where to put internal links? How does internal linking optimization look like? What is internal Afghanistan Business Email List linking? Internal links are hyperlinks that lead from one page to another within a single domain. For example, if you click on this link , you will be taken to a subpage within the same domain – specifically to our article on SEO. Internal linking can also be called moving within one article to another part of the document. For example: from the table of contents to a specific paragraph. l linking helps in site navigation, defines the structure of the site, provides clear paths for google robots.

It enhances the overall value

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The site and can provide long-lasting sessions on the site aimed at building brand awareness or finalizing transactions by users. A large number of external links is the main component of current SEO strategies, we focus more on obtaining them than on building the foundation, which is undoubtedly internal linking. because we underestimate Bab Directory the impact of an optimized internal linking strategy on results, and this is a big mistake. Internal linking and external linking Each website should contain both internal and external linking. Internal links connect posts within one website, while external links connect your pages to other websites.

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