This is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity

What animal and why would you like to be? I’m lazy, because I could rest all the time. What’s your favorite movie or book? I love the Harry Potter movies and books and I could watch them over and over because they show a wonderful magical world. If I became the president of the world, in the first place … I would drag Monday into the weekend, because then it’s the hardest for me to get to work. Krzysztof Winiarski – Copywriter With his creativity and flawless workshop, Krzysiek powered the Content Marketing department. His ambitions did not allow him to rest on the laurels of his legal education – he decided to explore other areas as a copywriter, creating content for clients from various industries. At work, he values ​​creativity and independence the most.

After leaving the office Krzysiek realizes himself

On the music scene. How did he answer our difficult questions? Why work in marketing? It’s just a field that allows me to use my skills. In it I can constantly develop my creativity and force my mind to work. Working in marketing also teaches empathy, because Cyprus Email List you have to put yourself in the position of very different recipients of content. What do you like most about your job? Ability to independently plan the time needed to complete tasks. What is your deepest desire? I’d like to know what the UFO phenomenon really is. , a phenomenon that keeps many inhabitants of our planet awake at night.

What animal and why would you like

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I’d be great as a brontosaurus. This giant, herbivorous sauropod appears gentle yet awe-inspiring. It doesn’t actually threaten anyone, but its strong tail can sweep away representatives of smaller species in case of emergency. It’s a good pattern. What Bab Directory is your favorite movie and why? My favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. For those who haven’t seen it: it’s an ambitious psychoanalysis of the pathological relationship between father and son set in the brutal realities of totalitarianism.

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