This is related to the recent changes introduced

The second thing we need to pay more attention to now is to check the size of the audiences we’ve created more often . by Apple (limiting the tracking of activity by Facebook on other websites or applications), which for advertisers means fewer people in groups of remarketing campaigns, created on the basis of activity on the website. Use the sales potential from the product catalog The biggest advantage of this type of campaign is largely automated optimization. We can show ads to people who have interacted with the product [dynamic remarketing] or let the Facebook algorithm find new customers. Who have not yet had contact with our website [prospecting].

It is worth testing targeting new users based

On broad and theoretically distant looklike groups of 4%-10%, where we can show them our offer with such a campaign and encourage them to visit the website. In a campaign where we have the opportunity to use dynamic ads created on the basis of the catalog, we enable people to go directly to the page of a specific product. This eliminates the Suriname Business Email List need to search for the item they saw advertised on the website, which increases the chance of an increase in conversion rate. creating groups of recipients Create fanpage creations and ads that. Will sell Another important point in the activities of Facebook Ads is the creation of creations that. Will attract attention and achieve the main goal of the campaign.

In the fashion industry the fanpage

Email List

One of the most important places where we build an engaged community, increase brand recognition and conduct paid activities aimed at generating sales. Regular activity in adding posts on Facebook is important (fashion brands publish about 4-8 posts every day, at regular times). In order not to bore the user with one type of creations that are displayed on the board, it is worth taking care of their diversity. and at. The same time remember about Bab Directory the most important aspect: posts should sell! Therefore, instead of creations that are not related to our offer and have. Low value for the user (often brands, in order to get more interactions. Add lifestyle posts: memes, funny videos and photos. Let’s focus on showing our products. The possibilities of their use or bragging lower prices than competitors.

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