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In the event of a hard Brexit, the UK will be forced to create its own legal regulations, separate from those prevailing in the European Union. At the moment it is difficult to assess how much they will differ from the EU ones. Even in the case of minimal differences in the law, it will still be necessary to adjust, among others, regulations of stores to future standards, which will probably consume another part of the budgets of companies. The lack of uniform regulations between the two parties to the negotiations may result in many international companies leaving the British market, which in turn will lead to a decrease in competitiveness and further price increases.

We must also not forget about the effects

Online stores will feel indirectly. The increase in the prices of many products may make the British more cautious when shopping, which will directly translate into extending their shopping path on the Internet. every stage, while increasing the Ecuador Email List size of marketing budgets. It is also worth paying attention to the issue of legal regulations regarding permanent residence of European Union citizens in Great Britain. The tightening of regulations may result in a sudden emigration of many foreign residents of the islands and a noticeable change in the purchasing preferences of the British.

Agreement of both parties A fruitful finale

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the negotiations by both parties will mean, among others: the loss of all existing voting rights and influence within the Union by the United Kingdom, establishing a free trade area, continuation of the strict protection of personal data initiated by the Union in the UK, protection of its nationals in the territory of the other party, creating an Bab Directory extensive structure for settling disputes arising from the contract. At first glance, there is a dramatic difference in the expected consequences. Leaving the European Union amicably will mean a relatively smooth and smooth transition to severing the ties of both parties with each other.

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