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Below we provide additional information on how the situation looks in different countries. This tax applies especially to the tech giants known as GAFA – after the names of the companies Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple . In most countries, the tax is imposed on companies with a certain revenue threshold – both global and on the market of the country introducing the levy. technological players, such as Google or Facebook. One of the most frequently cited examples of a digital tax is the one that has been operating in France since 2020. It is 3 percent.

Applies to multinational technology

Companies with global revenues from taxed services exceeding EUR 750 million per year and revenues in France exceeding EUR 25 million per year. Its download has been temporarily suspended due to ongoing negotiations under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop a global Trinidad and Tobago Business Email List digital tax model. However, the talks ended in a fiasco – and the decision to start collecting the tax. Similar regulations were introduced by Spain . In 2021, a tax on Internet services came into effect, amounting to 3% of revenues on the Spanish market. As in France, it covered companies with global revenues of over €750 million. But the income threshold in Spain is €3 million.

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Advertisements, user data and trade brokerage. It is worth noting that the following are excluded from the tax: streaming platforms and trading. Data for internal purposes (unless these are marketing purposes). The 3% tax rate now also Bab Directory applies in Italy . From 2020, fees are charged to companies that have a global income of at least EUR 750 million and. Earn at least EUR 5.5 million on the Italian market during the year. In April 2020, a digital services tax was also introduced in the United Kingdom . It covered companies with global revenues of more than £500 million, and over £25 million in the UK market.

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