This resulted in a trade deficit of nearly $420 billion

The current geopolitical situation – from elections to conflict In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Both during the election campaign and after taking office, he accused China of using unfair trade practices, which included, among others, intellectual property theft and currency manipulation. In 2018, the value of US imports from China amounted to almost USD 540 billion, and the value of Chinese imports from the USA was only USD 120.3 billion. . In order to eliminate the resulting inequalities, Trump decided to introduce tariffs, which he summed up in March 2018 by saying that trade wars are easy to win (“trade wars are good, and so easy to win”). All of the above factors have just led to the outbreak of the trade war.

The current state of economic tension

Between the two most powerful economies in the world. China and the US have been putting up new barriers to trade for over a year, and a solution to the conflict does not seem possible in the near term. The effects of the trade war for electronics Finland Email List on the example of Huawei The most famous example of the effects of the trade war in the electronics world is undoubtedly the Huawei brand. Already in 2012, the first allegations against her about phone tapping appeared. Which definitely gained strength in the face of one of. The alleged reasons for the trade deficit, i. theft of intellectual property.

In May 2019 Huawei was blacklisted

Email List

The Trump administration, which resulted in a ban. On commercial contacts between US companies (such as Google, Nvidia, Microsoft) and the Chinese giant. While Huawei smartphones already on the market will work without major changes. There is a risk that Google services and Android will be unavailable in their future versions. As Bab Directory both Google and other companies have confirmed the suspension of commercial cooperation. And although after the G20 summit, the US president announced the withdrawal of the ban on Huawei products. Its lifting is uncertain in the face of the escalation of the conflict in recent days.

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