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The campaign, in partnership with Getty Images and Girlgaze Photographers, recruited women and non-binary people. Data: The program reached more than 1.6 billion people through more than 660 media stories in 39 markets around the world. More than 2,000 women pledged to create a more inclusive vision of beauty. In its first year alone, the ShowUs hashtag was used more than 7 million times on , , and . Why does it work? For generations, the media and advertising have presented images of beauty. However, this leaves 70% of women feeling underrepresented by the media and advertising.

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The target audience, discusses brand values with them, and encourages them to be proud of being themselves. women all over the world. 2 Gillette: “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” youtue/koPmuEyP3a0 When: 2019 Campaign Outline: In January 2019, Gillette launched a social media campaign aimed at a modern take Czech Republic Mobile Number List on masculinity. The short film, released exclusively on Twitter, depicts several cases of men struggling with the so-called traditional masculinity that Gillette once glorified: the fear of showing their emotions, sexual harassment and bullying. The film then showcases several examples of positive manhood, like standing up for others, caring for someone you love, and more.

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The MeToo movement. On their , the company also posts positive male role models with short stories about their journeys in the world: Organizers. community leader. CEO of a nonprofit organization. Beyond that, the company has pledged to “donate $1 million annually over the next three years to nonprofits pursuing the most interesting Bab Directory and impactful programs designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal best. The numbers: The short video that kicked off the campaign has more than 30 million views. Based on social listening tools A According to wario (disclosure. I work for Awario), the Gille tteAd hashtag reached over 1.5 billion people in a month.

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