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Propagating posts not only keeps the algorithm happy, but gives your audience an expectation of when new content will appear, and gives each post breathing room so they don’t compete with each other for likes and comments. Simplify the application To make this easier, you can use a management application such as Sked, Later, or Hootsuite to schedule releases in advance. without worrying about checking in and coming up with new content every day. Stick with it – giving up for a week or two isn’t the end of the world, but it might lower your ranking in the eyes of Facebook, as it also rewards posts for being fresh. As you become more comfortable with scheduling and coming up with high-quality post ideas, you can increase your cadence and target daily content. Ready to start a business? Start a free trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

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How Wilderdog Grows Its Audience Rachel Friedline is the co-founder of Wilderdog, a company that makes leashes, harnesses and other accessories for dogs who love the great outdoors . Founded in 2015, Rachel immediately launched a page for Wilderdog because she knew it would be a key part of her social media marketing strategy. Since then, Rachel’s Morocco Mobile Number List account has grown to 292,000 followers, and she’s done it herself, running the page and her business. Now, Rachel’s goal is to publish a dynamic post every day, although she sometimes misses a day. She keeps high-quality photos, both of her own and from clients.

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I don’t think I’ve posted more than once a day in our seven-year history,” she said. In her more frequently updated stories, she posts more casual content, such as sharing posts from clients. She’s built a client base that loves to tag her business in photos of their dogs, so Stories is a great place to post a particularly funny photo or encapsulate Bab Directory her brand. “I think by making mistakes along the way, you figure out what works best for your company.” Her biggest advice to other entrepreneurs is to keep posting and experimenting. “The culture around the app seems to be changing faster than ever,” she said. “Yes, have a strategy, but also be willing to change your strategy.”

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