Use the influence of influencers and their reach

E-mailing and web push notifications are an excellent distribution channel. Create interesting news content that informs about promotions, interesting articles or events. You can also use a loyalty program that will certainly win the sympathy of a large group of users. Have you heard of Influencer Marketing? It’s time to get used to this concept. to distribute your content. This is a great way not only to increase the number of users, but also to increase sales. Measure the effects of actions Since you read about good practices, you must know that every action you take should be reflected in the statistics. If you set marketing goals, you also need to ensure the correct selection of indicators that will help you measure the effects of your actions.

KPI Key Performance Indicators called

The effectiveness indicator , allows you to compare the existing data with the effects that we initially assumed. Systematic analysis will show whether your actions bring the intended results. It will now be much easier to optimize or identify activities that do not bring benefits. The indicators that will allow you to measure your activities are: Indicators Sierra Leone Email List relating to the number of content recipients and their interest – is one of the most important indicators that will allow you to measure the effects of your content. The most important of them are: the number of sessions, the number of page views and unique users – new, potential customers.

Sales indicators  they will allow

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You to determine whether your campaign has an impact on sales results. Engagement indicators – will determine the user’s detailed activities on the site, i. session duration, page views per page, bounce rate and percentage of exits Retention indicators – with their help you can measure the relationship between new and returning users. Search engine Bab Directory visibility indicator – thanks to them you can check whether your website is positioned in the search engine. Some of the most important indicators include: the value of organic traffic, page views for specific keyword. Phrases and the position of search results in terms of keywords.

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