Users had more time to devote to more engaging content

The platform has significantly expanded its functions, thanks to which it engages recipients even more. Strong emphasis on AR filters, expansion of sales functions for e-commerce and looser content, which was very much desired by recipients during the pandemic, caused Instagram to grow. As for the main loser this year, I’m definitely betting on Snapchat. The platform has already declined in popularity in the previous year. This year, the creators made attempts to resuscitate, but unfortunately without the intended effect. Social Media for e-commerce In the last 12 months, live broadcasts carried out on social media have gained a lot of popularity.

What benefit have companies discovered

In this type of content? The pandemic had a positive impact on the popularity of live broadcasts. . Companies from the B2B sector benefited from this, gaining new customers through engaging content and sharing knowledge. When it comes to B2C services, this type of form flourishes here as well, but more on Facebook groups and less Dominican Republic Business Email List professionally. For some clients, it has become a kind of ritual during which they not only buy clothes, but also find out what’s going on with the hosts. We, as the PromoTraffic agency, met this trend and introduced a modern form of live events for our e-commerce, during which recipients can get to know the product better and ask questions in real time. A quick response shortens the purchasing decision process.

Social Media is an area in which

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It is not difficult to identify trends, but there is a long way from noticing them to modifying the budget. What form of promotion in social media should e-commerce owners invest in right now? Everything, of course, depends on what the target group is and what assortment the given store offers. Facebook is definitely the basisand most of our Bab Directory cooperation is based on it. By attaching a pixel to the website, we are able to reach the target group very effectively and open up to new, similar groups. Most of our customers from the fashion industry and broadly understood home accessories also use Instagram, where users come to look for looser content and shopping inspiration.

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