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Once you have a logical, people-friendly structure of categories tailored to valuable keywords, then it will be time to prepare content for them. Take care of valuable content Content is one of the most important factors on a page that helps Google robots better understand and evaluate its content. As a result, SEO texts affect the position of the page for selected keywords. but for tens, hundreds or even thousands of various keywords. So how to prepare content that will conquer the digital hearts of Google search engine robots and the list of its search pages? I explain this in the following chapters.

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Content significantly affects the position of websites in Google search results . Unless you are a huge portal trusted by Google (e. Allegro or Ceneo), you will most likely not conquer the search results with duplicate content. Unless we are talking St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List about queries for which websites present in the top 10 serve only duplicate text. This is common for e-commerceers simply duplicating product descriptions from manufacturers or other stores. In this case, unique content should not be treated as a requirement. But rather as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. By ordering content to be written anew, we can ensure its broadly understood quality.

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Unique content should be prepared primarily for. Category pages and offer pages home page blog post pages Rich content The texts should be sufficiently developed. This does not mean that they should be stuffed with keywords. What does it mean: the content should comprehensively, but without pouring water, respond to the. Intention of people Bab Directory entering the main key phrase related to it. The length of the definition will be different, and the guide on the basics of SEO will be different. If you have difficulty determining the right length of content, bet on… Competition benchmarking A good strategy in trying to get into the Top 10 of Google pages is to. Model yourself on the competition that is already there.

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