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Turning events in life usually occur relatively rarely, which means that the group of recipients will be smaller than in the case of recipients with similar interests, but at the same time it applies to many purchasing decisions, so it will be larger than the category of recipients on the market. Source: adwordsoogleblog, 05/01/2018. 17. New Customer Match opportunities December2017 The Customer Match function, which until now was based on e-mail addresses, has been extended with the possibility of sending additional data in the form of telephone number, name, surname, country and postal code. Targeting created customer lists is currently available on the Search Network, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Gmail.

Data used to target advertisements

Must always be obtained in a legal way (persons belonging to the database must agree to the processing of data for marketing purposes). This should be remembered, especially before the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which Canada Mobile Number List will come into force in May 2018. 18. exclusive to the new AdWords panel released last month allows you to test different versions of your advertising messages (whether in headlines, ad text or URL paths) across multiple. Campaigns or across your entire account. Variety types available are: find and replace – replace. The searched text with another, update text – modification of the current advertising text. Swap headers – swap the order of the headers.

Source: adwordsoogleblog, 05/01/2018

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Run an experiment, you need to specify the duration and percentage of. The budget allocated to the ad variation and the percentage of auctions it can participate in. Thanks to this option, you will be able to quickly improve your CTR level. 19. The key Bab Directory change relates to the required minimum CTR level for organization accounts.  Other changes relate to the structure of the account – all accounts will have to have geo-targeted settings. At least two active ad groups in each campaign with similar keywords. And two active ad texts per ad group.

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