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Anyway, the AdWords Editor is still an indispensable supporting tool. What will be the leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? It is definitely worth considering what would happen if search assistants from Google/Amazon started working properly in Poland? What impact would this have on how searches are conducted and how to win such searches? In addition, the share of mobile queries will increase again and the technology that speeds up the performance of websites will continue to be increasingly important. Sebastian Suma, CEO of Sempai Which training or conference in 2017 was the best for you and why? The best event for me was the EastBiz Conference in Białystok, which keeps the level year after year. I like marketing and e-commerce topics, and this year was great both in terms of content and networking.

Which advertising campaign impressed

You the most and why? From my SEM industry, I liked the Theyl campaign for the Tubądzin brand, which combined online and offline channels in generating leads and the great use of the ROPO effect for a client who does not sell through his own e-commerce channel. What disappointed you the most in 2017 and why? I was disappointed with the Dubai Phone Number List fashion for content. The increasing use of this type of activity in the SEO service has resulted in a huge amount of poor quality content., articles without substantive value created for SEO purposes, fake news, “clickbait” headlines. All this, in fact, extends the way to finding valuable content. What was the biggest novelty for you in 2017 and why? The biggest novelty for me were the possibilities and use of VR and AR in business and in everyday life.

This is total SciFi that is actually “at your fingertips

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The thought that one day we will buy real products, but in virtual matter, visible only through the right glasses, is quite exciting and a little scary. What will be the leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? The leading trend in 2018 will be performance marketing! This can already be felt when reviewing the competition case studies of Bab Directory advertising agencies. Increasingly, the efficiency factor displaces the reach, creative one. In my opinion, in 2018 video and mobile channels will gain even more, often still neglected due to difficulties in attributing conversions (reachable nature of video, mobile – difficulties in identifying users between devices.

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