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In addition, Promo traffic, as one of 33 agencies from the CEE region, participates in the Google Elevator program, thanks to which we have been working intensively for 6 months on the automation, optimization and scanning of agency processes. customer training The Partner program is not only training for agencies. Google knows well that without customers we are not able to do much, which is why it has recently put a lot of emphasis on their training. In July, together with Google, we organized the Google& Promo traffic Export Agency event.

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Internationalization and export to foreign markets. Our clients learned about current trends and were trained in tools for planning expansion to other markets. Want to know more? Read our article on this topic: How can Google help us in the Netherlands Email List internationalization process ? account news Google Ads is a platform that is constantly changing. New features are added every month. As a certified agency, we have faster access to them than others. Thanks to this, we are able to stay ahead of the competition. as Gallery Ads and Smart Bidding Seasonality Controls.

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We describe new functions in Google Ads on an ongoing basis. technical support The last aspect is definitely technical support. By working more closely with Google, we can resolve account issues that sometimes seem insurmountable faster. Our Bab Directory supervisors make sure that we have access to their best specialists. Regardless of whether you are a beginner blog writer or you already have extensive experience in this field, your goal is the same: you want to reach as many recipients as possible. Learn how to plan your article topics and where to look for inspiration.

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