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Replace text + append text A function that allows you to change the texts of elements in the structure in a simple and quick way. in a few seconds. Particularly useful when creating campaigns that differ in keywords only by one phrase, “grocery wholesaler” to “drugstore wholesaler”. In addition, it is extremely helpful – in the case of typos, we can mark all the elements that we want to correct and in a few seconds we have done a job that would take us a minimum of 30 minutes as part of the interface. Include: Similar to replace.

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Want to add, choose where you want it to be and click “attach”: 2. Search with features The option of filtering and searching for specific campaigns or ad groups will help us find our way around the account faster. We can also take advantage of feature Denmark Email List options that will help us filter out the exact elements we care about. Copy, paste, delete When navigating the structure will not cause us major problems, we can go to the most intuitive function implemented in the Editor, i. keyboard shortcuts responsible for copy (Ctrl + C), paste (Ctrl + V), delete (Ctrl + X) and undo ( Ctrl+Z). We can copy, paste, and delete almost anything, which speeds things up a lot.

If however we care about convenience

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We can also use the Ctrl+H and Ctrl+B combination. The first shortcut is responsible for “Find and replace”, and the second is for “Change bids”. An interesting fact may also be the fact that items can be copied between accounts. 4. Intuitive error system As soon as we exceed the character limit or repeat the name of the campaign, we will receive Bab Directory an error notification that we can correct immediately. Red icon – Indicates an error that Google Ads Editor will not publish until we make the required changes. Yellow icon – requires verification that the changes we make are in line with Google’s policies.

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