We can accumulate points received from others on our account

Every month, each of us is entitled to a pool of 200 points, which translates into PLN 20. Behind this symbolic amount there is a lot of joy. t as long as we want. Collected points can be exchanged for coupons in online stores (Douglas, Zalando, MediaMarkt, Steam), withdrawn (PayPal) or donated to charity. The application shows us on an ongoing basis who, to whom and for what awarded points, and also keeps a ranking of people who have won the most points. Why did you choose Bonusy? Mainly because it’s great fun.

Our employees give each other points for all

Sorts of things. Marcin thanks Kasia for the “enlightenment”, Bartek Krzysiek for writing additional content, and Oskar Magda for a great replacement during the holidays. There are plenty of reasons to thank or praise someone. Finally, we have a tool to show that there is something more behind the words “thank you” or “congratulations”. Public North Korea Email List recognition makes sense! At Promo Traffic, Bonusy is integrated with Slack, which we use to communicate on a daily basis. Thanks to this, we have a chance to learn about new bonuses that others grant or get. In addition to the previously mentioned joy of giving and receiving, this tool has another value that many people subconsciously notice.

This is best illustrated by the following statements

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OLA I don’t use this tool often, but when I see kind words and praise addressed to others, I have some thoughts – is there anyone I should appreciate in this way? At such moments, I analyze the past days and realize that a few people deserve a Bab Directory good word. I must admit that it also feels nice when someone appreciates my work in this way. MARCIN : Bonusy allows me to thank my colleague for ongoing cooperation or help in a simple and often funny way. We all forget the little things most of the time. Thanks to the appearing notifications, I realize that someone has contributed to making my day at work better, more pleasant and more effective.

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