We do not have the option to extend the duration

It is distinguished by a special designation: While your Google campaign experiments are running, you have the option to make changes to them. However, until the end of the experiment, it is not advisable to make any, even the slightest, modifications . As I have already mentioned – in such a situation we will not be able to reliably compare the experiment with the original campaign. Does the experiment need more time? Be patient and wait the recommended minimum of 30 days for the experiment. Try to end the Google experiment after the minimum duration. However, if, despite waiting at least 30 days, you have collected a small amount of data and you are not sure about the effectiveness of the experiment, you can extend the duration of your tests.

You can do this by clicking

Campaign Experiments’ section in the left side menu. Here we have a view of all active and already completed Google experiments. You can change the duration of an experiment that is currently active. of an already completed experiment. Do Lesotho Email List I have enough data? As we approach the end date of the experiment, there will certainly be a question at some point as to whether it has enough records to guide us in making decisions about making changes to the original campaign.

Whether the original campaign

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Will be changed by us should be based on reliable data. To be able to compare, for example, the performance of manual bid strategies to smart strategies, we need a minimum amount of conversions that affects whether the algorithm is able to effectively optimize the experiment. Learn more about the minimum requirements for Smart Bab Directory Bidding strategies here . Or maybe you want to be sure that lowered or increased keyword bids in your campaigns. Contributed to the increase in results for the assumed advertising goals? Wondering if Google really got enough data to make sure that the ROAS in the experimental campaign is higher than.

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