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Why is it worth starting affiliate activities with Promo Traffic? At Promo Traffic, we have the experience to effectively run affiliate programs for our clients. process, set affiliate goals, monitor implementation, and optimize results on an ongoing basis. We take care of the correct calculation of commissions for partners, setting the rules, descriptions of programs and the appropriate flow of information to partners. The result of proper management is the achievement of goals. At Promo Traffic, we perform the affiliate management function at an advanced level, which translates into satisfaction and stable development of the advertiser.

This is not the end of personnel changes

The existing media planners: Magda and Sebastian, gained new positions. We encourage you to get to know them all. There are no average units on board our rocket… Gabriela Róg – SEO Specialist Gabi is our specialist in the SEO department. She Croatian Email List has been involved in internet marketing for 3 years. In this industry, what he values ​​most is contact with people. Taming numbers in reports facilitates her economic education. Gabi comes from Sędziszów Małopolski, which – perversely – is located in Podkarpacie. He believes that distance to himself helps to change the world for the better, and in the worst case, it makes life much easier.

See what Gabi says about herself

Email List

What do you like most about your job? Why work in marketing? During my studies, I was most interested in marketing classes, which is why I decided to look for a job in this industry. Internet marketing is a combination of analytical thinking and creativity and I like it the most. That I’m never bored. The pace of work in the agency is Bab Directory fast, but I like it. I do a lot of analysis that requires focus, but I also have more repetitive tasks where I can relax. Meetings with clients, during which we get to know their business better and establish relationships, are also a nice and interesting break in working at the desk.

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