We know that not everyone has extensive knowledge

Why are purchased links harmful? Google robots that index the page may consider such links as unnatural, and thus the entire site (the one to which the links lead) may lose a large part of the trust it has gained so far in the eyes of Google. It’s not worth it right? Check how to build a proper link profile >> How to recognize Black Hat SEO techniques? You have already learned the techniques used by SEO specialists using Black Hat. of such technical elements and SEO itself, so we have selected a few things that are worth paying attention to in addition to the techniques described above: The price of the SEO service – natural positioning of the website will not be cheap, because it uses in-depth analyzes of the website, keywords and builds a strategy for long-term cooperation and achieving results Fast effect – promising rapid growth should also worry you.

In SEO nothing happens quickly and overnight

SEO is a process. Every change, every link must be indexed – be seen by Google. We also use this time to test various solutions. No changes visible on the page – it is almost impossible to position the page without implementing changes on it. We often interfere with the website, e. by changing meta tags, adding content and implementing technical South Africa Email List changes in the website code Lack of cooperation with the client – ongoing contact with the client is a “must have” in the work of an SEO specialist. Consequences of Black Hat SEO Positioning websites using Black Hat SEO techniques brings quick but not permanent effects, and moreover, a lot of risk.

What do we need to be ready

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When deciding to use them? manual filter – given by a Google employee who reacts to actions that go against the Google Webmaster Guidelines algorithmic filter – given during the update of the main Google algorithm (the algorithm is updated on average 2x a year, and smaller updates are also released in the meantime), it is very difficult to Bab Directory remove and. Information about it cannot be found in Google Search Console Exclusion from the Google index, or ban. Is the worst form of punishment loss of trust in your side. Which is hard to rebuild a sudden drop in page rank, traffic and revenue. As you can see, Black Hat SEO activities can be cheap and even seem effective at first. Ultimately, however, they turn out to be unprofitable and can lead to losses.

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