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It is a form of communication consisting in maintaining contact with regular and potential customers, business partners, meia and public institutions, as well as creating and supporting specific ideas and social goals. Why is it worth taking care of good external PR ? First of all, it is the best way to build a good brand reputation. Public relations activities create interest around a company and its products. They build brand creibility, and thus increase the trust of target groups in it. By meticulously implementing the PR strategy, the company has a chance to.

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Build a competitive advantage on the market, control the perception of recipients about it, influence consumer decisions, mitigate the negative effects of possible crises. External PR in the company fails? It’s time to focus on effective solutions! Enter Latest Mailing Database your e-mail, we will contact you External PR tools External PR can be implemente in various ways. The most popular public relations tools include: relations with the meia – messages to the meia can be directe through interviews, press releases or press conferences, events – all conferences, charity events, open days and other events that are suppose to create buzz around the brand; a “face to face” meeting with the brand gives it a human face.

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The brand is closer to its recipients, social meia – presence and.  Systematic activity in social meia is an opportunity to reach target groups and a way to build and maintain.  Relationships with recipients, physical evidence – gadgets, gifts and other elements BAB Directory of visual identification that increase brand recognition. External and internal PR External PR is base on creating relationships.  With the company’s environment and building a good reputation outside. In turn, the internal variety of public relations is focuse on employees and consists in well-thought-out and efficient internal communication. Internal communication can be done in 4 different ways: in writing – company newsletters, newsletters.

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