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What does the training consist of? The course consists of 6 separate scopes, ranging from advertising on the search network to advertising for mobile applications. The full scope of the training is as follows: Search engine ads Advertising on the Display Network Video advertising Shopping ads Measuring the effectiveness of advertising in Google Ads App campaigns source: :skillshopithgoogle/ As you can see, Google has prepared an interesting training program for all willing participants. and more advanced aspects.

Regardless of the level of advancement

Future or current employees in the PPC area should find answers to their questions regarding advertising in the Google Ads system, and they will be able to test their knowledge by answering questions asked during each of the topics. Google Analytics The Google Analytics training program has been divided on the Skillshop platform Slovenia Business Email List into advanced and basic levels. In practice, this means that participants can obtain a certificate from both levels. Going through this training, participants will learn the secrets of one of the most popular web analytics tools. It is worth mentioning here that a newer version of the Analytics system (GA 4) has been available for some time, from which the latest training also appeared on the Skillshop platform.

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Beginners In the training for beginners, participants will be able to expand their knowledge of activities such as creating an account, installing a tracking code or creating data filters. The course will also discuss basic reports on audience, acquisition and user behavior, as well as ways to create and verify marketing goals. Advanced training The Bab Directory part devoted to advanced level training discusses aspects related to dimensions and non-standard data, advanced techniques of using segmentation or even marketing strategies using remarketing to reach users of a given website. Certainly, people who have already had contact with the discussed analytical tool will find something for themselves.

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