What counts above all is the trust also known as power

These online elections are different from democratic ones. On the Internet, you won’t win with just the number of links or linking domains. ) that a given site enjoys in the eyes of Google. There are portals such as Wikipedia, Allegro or Facebook, which are at the forefront of the pack. Links from such portals are more valuable than a link placed in the dark corner of some shady forum. If we translated this into reality, it would look like the votes of experts, practitioners and professors would be worth more in voting than the votes of Mr. Mieczysław from the local liquor store. So we have the number and power of linking domains.

What else is important in link building

Thematic linking of the portal linking to your website. Are you in marketing? Links from marketing portals will be especially valuable for you. thematic connection of the page on which the link is located and its content to the subject of the linked UK Business Email List page. Have you written an article about marketing analytics? A link from a subpage also describing this topic will be especially valuable. organic traffic on a given domain and subpage . More organic traffic is a good measure of a domain’s strength. After all, traffic is a natural consequence of high positions in Google.

If you are not only interested

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You can always take into account the traffic that you can attract to your website thanks to such a link. location of the page with the link in the structure of the linking site . The closer to the home page, the better. location of the link on a given subpage. It is assumed that the link at the top of the main content is more valuable than. The one buried Bab Directory at the bottom of the article. natural link profile . River theme. Suffice it to say that in an ideal world you don’t get links. But they are added naturally and selflessly by portals included in our content. And it can be done if you have the budget and/or time for a creative campaign.

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