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What is website usability? (web usability) – why is it important? – what to pay attention to when designing websites. attribute that evaluates how easy-to-use user interfaces are. The term web usability also refers to methods of improving ease of use during the design process. According to Jakob Nielsen, utility is determined by 5 elements: Learnability – to make the website intuitive and easy to use Efficiency – the efficiency of the website Guatemala Business Email List so that the user can find what he is looking for efficiently Memorability – easy to remember, after a long absence the user should not get lost on the website Errors – checking what mistakes are made by users, where they get lost Satisfaction – degree of satisfaction – whether the user will convert despite minor errors or inconveniences Jakob Nielsen is an outstanding specialist in the field of website usability.

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The United States, mainly concerning methods that are intended to make it easier for users to use the Internet. That is why it is worth designing web usability in accordance with the principles mentioned above. When designing websites to customize the website for the user, take a good look at each of the 5 elements of usability. Why is website Bab Directory usability so important? On the Internet, web usability is a prerequisite for survival. If a website is not easy to use, users leave it. If the home page does not clearly state what the company offers and what opportunities the page provides users – they leave the site and search further on Google.

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