What was missing in this case First thorough research

It was removed from the brand’s official channels in less than forty-eight hours, but you can still find it on YouTube (for example here – it’s worth noting the disproportion between negative and positive reactions). Kendall Jenner observes a multi-ethnic protest during a photo shoot. Kendall walks into the crowd, joining the demonstration, and then hands one of the policemen a Pepsi. When he drinks it, the protesters react with an explosion of enthusiasm. . Customers saw the ad as trivializing issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement (which dates back to 2013). The creation of a vision that the problem of racism could be solved … with Pepsi was criticized. Finally: part of the audience did not like the fact that the main character is a white person. The creators did not foresee the need to be careful when discussing such difficult topics.

However the problem is not only

The general controversial nature of the advertisement . Its producers apparently did not do their homework on the golden rules of storytelling. When you reach for narrative marketing, authenticity is important, and it’s missing here : the scene where Kendall offers a Pepsi to a policeman feels artificial. Stories should engage viewers and arouse Syria Business Email List curiosity. Meanwhile, in the Pepsi ad, the narrative was broken: for almost three minutes we observe the demonstrators and Kendall Jenner. This story not only does not evoke emotions, but is simply … boring. Finally – storytelling should promote the product in an unobtrusive way . If you want to reach your audience using narrative marketing, you need to remember that emotions and story are what count.

The product is supposed

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Part of the story. Here he became an unnecessary, force-placed addition to history. In this case, the effect was far from what was intended. The brand was hit with a wave of criticism. Pepsi did get the attention of customers… Only it wasn’t the kind of attention the brand needed. As this example shows: storytelling is an art. Sometimes even a big Bab Directory budget and a famous model are not enough to achieve success. Summary Narrative marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or product. Traditional advertisements bombard us from all sides, often causing irritation, but interesting stories will always attract attention.

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