What was the biggest novelty for you in 2017 and why

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. I will add to this our immodest semKRK BIG with its unique atmosphere. Why these two events? The selection of speakers, people who are practitioners and the level thanks to which only old-timers say that they have not heard anything new.

Which advertising campaign impressed

You the most and why? I liked the Polish Unicef ​​campaign, because in an interesting way they went beyond the framework of hackneyed keywords and definitely drew attention to themselves. You can preview word sets and ads in Senuto/Semstorm. What disappointed you the most in 2017 and why? The auctions disappointed me the most. Many Denmark Cell Phone Number List companies still don’t understand that they are overpaying for services ranging from billboards to events, with SEM as one of many points. At the end, the work goes to us, specialist SEM companies anyway. Many companies subcontract such activities even though the tender clearly prohibited subcontracting.

There were also inquiries where the criterion

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The lowest price per CPC. This shows that many commissioners are still not fully aware of how SEM works. ? The biggest novelty for me is the new AdWords interface. I am on the front line because I am training with AdWords and I had to quickly Bab Directory adapt to changes and prepare counterarguments for complaining. I think that the novelties already known to the public and the novelties. That are yet to appear will effectively encourage change. It’s not the first time we’ve had a revolution like this, and lately. Despite a lot of complaining, we’ve all come out well.

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