What will you gain thanks to cohort analysis

You will check the value of the user over time: how long and often he/she buys after the first contact with the website, You will determine the ROAS from acquiring a new customer and activating an existing one, You will find out how long your customers take to make a purchase decision. for you, provided that you carry it out on the right piece of data. For example, after conducting a lead campaign, you cannot research all users, because those who have already visited the website will probably be at a different stage of the funnel and may distort the data. Modern CRM (Customera Relationship Management) In loose translation, a customer relationship management system. aggregates customer data, supports sales processes, allowing you to monitor their implementation on an ongoing basis, as well as identify weak points on the way to sales. Thanks to it, you will learn in advance which products are worth focusing on in online promotion.

The analysis of sales data based

CRM allows you to identify trends and adjust the strategy, especially when your e-commerce continues offline and you need to secure the stock of the most popular products or adjust communication to the most common concerns of your customers. Thanks to CRM, you can easily take care of after-sales processes, maintain retention and Malaysia Business Email List manage the processes of selling complementary products. Sales Manago It is an email marketing system. Additionally offering a number of marketing automation options, such as web push notifications, popups, chat. SM also provides statistics on users in real time giving. The opportunity to customize communication with a potential customer in real time.

What’s more it aggregates the collected

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Sales Manago analytical panels give you the opportunity to analyze sales processes and user flow. Present the Customer Journey and allow you to plan further marketing activities. Sales Manago offers visually. Friendly analytical dashboards Bab Directory that aggregate data on contacts monitored in real time. Tracking the contact’s lifetime and their habits as a specific user. What interests them on the website and at what times they visit it. It will work perfectly in business where the cost of acquiring a lead is high and. Its precise identification is important from a business point of view.

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