When choosing a person for the campaign

However, while discussing this issue, I would like to stop. Many customers who are still inexperienced in this area judge a profile by its size. Meanwhile, the size of the account is not the most important thing in the valuation . It all really depends on the goal of the campaign . If you care about strictly image activities, bet on people who will guarantee you a large number of views. These can be, among others, bloggers who create widely read content. However, the goal of many campaigns is to convince consumers to buy. If you care about selling here and now, choose a person who builds an engaged community to work with . An influencer does not need to have a large account to be effective.

It is enough that he cares about

His own credibility, relations with viewers, and his instructions are always sincere. Thanks to this, it becomes opinion-forming and appeals to followers. One of the most interesting tools that will help you measure the level of engagement on an Influencer’s profile is Social Blade . Influencer supports sales in your store The last benefit I wanted to Germany Business Email List discuss today is sales, which is one of the most important goals in marketing. I have already referred to this in the passage above, where I made a digression in the context of the valuation of the activities of online creators. But let’s go one step further.

When deciding on cooperation

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The goal of which is direct sales, you should take into account that you will incur higher costs. Influencers who realize that after their recommendation, the warehouses are cleared, value themselves highly. In this way, the win-win principle is maintained. The creator receives adequate remuneration for the effect he creates. , pay attention to the Bab Directory following: how is the creator able to meet the goal of the campaign? does the influencer fit your brand? is his image clean (carefully check that he has not been involved in a scandal in the past)? how does he talk to his community and does the community talk to him.

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