When completing the staff and arranging the program

The campaigns are aimed at attracting new customers, mainly from large cities, and supporting them in the purchasing process. Our activities allow e.g. expand brand awareness, consolidate its position as an expert in the field of dietary catering and achieve sales goals. As PromoTraffic, we always place great emphasis on data collection, analytics and results monitoring. This is also the case here. We develop short and long-term plans in consultation with the client, taking into account the goals, results of previous activities and incorporating them into the 360 ​​Maczfit strategy. ____ PromoTraffic is a digital agency specializing in SEO/PPC for the e-commerce industry, which helps to increase the revenues of online stores.

The agency also supports marketing

Activities in the areas of social media, content marketing and marketing automation. A team of over 50 e-commerce experts supports the rapidly growing brands of the Polish e-commerce industry, and the effects of the agency’s work are recognized Jordan Business Email List in the form of numerous awards in national and international industry competitions, including European Search Awards. Want to learn how to promote your business online? Do you dream of working in a digital agency, but you lack practical skills? Would you like to learn more about modern tools for marketers? Sign up for the “Digital Marketing” postgraduate studies at WSEI under the patronage of Promo Traffic.

Start of the first semester in March

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Get to know the world of marketing from the inside out The ” Digital Marketing ” major will provide you with the knowledge and qualifications that will help you plan and run an effective marketing campaign. During the course you will learn more about the most important areas of internet marketing – such as SEO / SEM, content marketing, PPC Bab Directory campaigns, e-mail marketing and promotion in social media. Krystian Kucharski – co-owner and vice-president of the board of PromoTraffic – became the substantive manager of the studies. He put emphasis in particular on web analytics and practical skills.

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