When entering a given experiment we receive information

In the basic one, because it was the settings and not a coincidence? Google is rushing to help! In the case of experiments and their data, one rule is most important – the more data, the better! If your knowledge in the field of campaign optimization is not as high as that of professional PPC specialists, Google itself comes with help in assessing the effectiveness of tests . in the upper bar comparing the results of the experimental part to the basic campaign. If Google has enough data for a given coefficient to be analyzed, it will add a small blue star next to it, and after hovering over it. We will receive a message that ‘the experiment is statistically significant.

If there is no asterisk below a coefficient

We have comparative data, it means that Google has enough data to evaluate the differences, but not enough data to be statistically significant. If we don’t have an asterisk or benchmark data for a value, Google doesn’t have enough data to accurately determine the effectiveness of the experiment for that value. In this situation, it is recommended Liberia Email List to increase the budget to get more records or to extend the duration of the experiment. End of the experiment – how to make modifications to the original campaign? Your experiment has ended and provided enough data to decide whether to make changes to your original Google Ads campaign? The final stage of the entire. Testing process is to make changes to the original campaign.

In order to be able to apply the modifications

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We must click on the ‘Apply’ button from the experiment position. What’s next? After clicking, the system will ask us if we want to: update. The initial campaign – by selecting this option, the changes from the experiment will be adapted to the original campaign. Convert the experiment to a new Google campaign while pausing the original Bab Directory campaign. After selecting the first option, after making changes, our campaign will first have to learn the modifications made. By choosing the second option, we continue the experiment, so that the campaign. Already has the data for which we want to continue optimizing.

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