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In this format, during the 16-minute live broadcast, users generated 430 comments. Live Streaming – Memory Live on facebook – Memory Okay, but does it sell everything? When it comes to the business effects that we can achieve thanks to the live broadcast, we need to know that such activities are primarily intended to translate into reach and image effects, which in turn will bring us real income. Of course, if, as I mentioned above, the script or the game are created in the right way. The sales result can soar up very quickly. If Facebook live is run by a well-known influencer, we will also gain a new group of recipients in our online store. Which will get to know the brand for the first time thanks to advertising.

If customers get to know your brand

The positive side – they will certainly come back to make a purchase again. Let’s start with the image and range effect. Below are the results generated by facebook live for one of our clients: Live broadcast – range results On the screen above, we can see that live on Facebook translated significantly into the results of organic, viral and paid reach. in Brazil Business Email List the same month of sales, we managed to achieve an increase in revenues by 154.25%. The e-commerce conversion rate also increased significantly (77.74%) facebook live – sales results. The whole thing also had an impact on conversion paths, in which, thanks to the whole project. The number of transactions opened by Facebook increased.

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It on four pillars event on Facebook and setting its paid campaign from the level of Facebook Ads Manager – it is best to run it about a week earlier and enable its promotion in the paid campaign under the activity with the purpose of signing up for the event. facebook live – promotional event b) a post informing about the live broadcast published on the profile with a specially prepared BOT, which will send. Notifications to users about the Bab Directory start of the live just moments before the broadcast. Live broadcast – a post promoting with a bot c) promotional materials on the influencer’s/partner’s profile (if we invite them to the action). Facebook live  promotional materials from an influencer d) if you have marketing automation enabled on your website. It is worth using it to promote the event.

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