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Over 60 million users have engaged with in-app story experiences. The Wrapped playlist has nearly 3 billion plays. triggers for this campaign: personalization and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). For starters, the app offers each user a personalized story — you can see how your musical tastes have evolved over the year and which songs have stayed with you throughout your life. Second, by supporting and encouraging sharing on social media, Spotify expanded the reach of the campaign. People naturally want to show off their highlights to their friends, making more people eager to try the experience. 7 Netflix: Want to talk? (Wanna Talk About It?) When: 2019 Outline of the event: Recognizing the importance of mental health and overcoming traumatic experiences.

Netflix launched Wanna Talk About It

A weekly LIVE series, and accompanying website , covering topics ranging from sexual violence and abuse to gender identity and suicidal thoughts. It stars the stars of several Netflix films and series and was originally launched at the height of Ecuador Mobile Number List the COVID-19 pandemic. Data: Want to talk? , in partnership with 150 organizations in 45 countries, provides information, videos, downloadable guides, and a nonprofit helpline in 26 languages. Why does it work? The global lockdown has been a difficult time for many. With no way out, streaming services have become the main source of entertainment.

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Netflix is addressing the mental health issues many are suffering by providing them with celebrities they can relate to. 8 Daniel Wellington: WheresWellington When: 2016 Outline of events: Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington was one of the first brands to recognize the power of social media. The company is giving away free watches to some Bab Directory of the most followed individuals on Facebook, with the only requirement being that they post a photo on their feed using the hashtag WheresWellington. Followers are then asked to guess where the photo was taken. This, in turn, created a huge buzz around the brand, which has grown in popularity among teens and young adults.

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