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Only by maintaining partnership cooperation can high positions be achieved – both in search results and other marketing activities. 9. Set and confirm KPIs (marketing metrics) Regardless of whether you are dealing with paid campaigns, website positioning or e-mail marketing – you should clearly define the purpose of your activities and determine . Properly determined marketing indicators have a significant impact on the results of activities. They provide knowledge about how specific elements of the strategy work and help to make operational and strategic decisions.

Awareness of the status of key metrics

Allows specialists to, among others, plan ahead and anticipate the outcome of decisions and react before it’s too late . The setting and monitoring of key performance indicators must be defined at the very beginning of the cooperation. These parameters facilitate the work of the agency, measuring efficiency and settlement of cooperation. Without Nauru Email List them, all arrangements become fluid and difficult to control. 10. Make sure that the agency has all the information necessary to carry out the activities A good solution is a workshop meeting between the client and the agency’s project team. Remember that the agency will act on the basis of the brief and current information from you.

So set short- and long-term priorities

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Define the most important categories, products or services for you, and their seasonal and margin dependence. For SEO activities that take time, you should prioritize well in advance. For example, if it’s June and you want to get your page visible in the TOP 10 organic search results for specific key phrases in July – positioning won’t work. Actions Bab Directory whose results you expect in a short period of time are much better implemented with Facebook Ads or Google Ads. It is important to provide the SEO agency with any plans regarding the development of the assortment. Store or planned organizational and product changes.

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