Wondering how long your audience watches

This tab also highlights top performing videos to help you create more successful content. Wondering how your page’s video content compares to similar businesses? The Video Benchmark tab compares your page to other pages with similar watch times for metrics like 3-second video views, reactions, comments, and shares. Note that you cannot manually select businesses for video benchmarking. Wondering who is watching your videos and how such content affects growth? The Video Audience tab shows your follower growth rate and breaks down follower and non-follower views. your videos and how they found you? The Audience Retention tab shows you Where your audience comes from, including recommendations, shares, and followers.

The Time People Watched graph

Great for understanding when viewers tend to leave, while the Average Time People Watched graph shows whether viewers are spending more or less time watching your content. The Video Retention tab also graphs all video content and allows you to sort by total minutes watched and average minutes watched. Business Suite even breaks down Lebanon Mobile Number List this data by Recommendations, Shares, and Followers, so you can gain insight into what types of content work best for these categories. Check out Messaging Insights 10 If your company or customers rely on messaging to generate leads and sales, you also want to check out Business Suite’s Messaging Insights tab. Currently, Business Suite supports Messaging Insights only.

Here you can track the number of conversations

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Your team has initiated and the number of connections you’ve made via DM. If you sell through Messenger, you can also track your team’s orders here, which can help you set goals and measure performance. Business Suite continues to gain functionality and evolve into a more complete marketing platform as Meta integrates with existing tools. Marketers who rely on Creator Studio should consider switching to Business. Suite to take advantage Bab Directory of the platform’s new creative. Engagement, and reporting tools. How to operate a brand account (Part 2) 187 Reads 0 Comments 1 Like Click the blue word·Follow us. Momo Going to the Sea 1 \ Celebrity Marketing. Momo Going to the Sea In fact, the practices of celebrity marketing on various platforms are quite similar. Before There are more detailed ideas in the article, and I will briefly repeat it here. “Influencer Types” Marketers divide influencers into five tiers: nano, micro, medium, macro, and large.

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