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Therefore, brands can use the method of combining marketing activities with social media to turn marketing into social activities to enhance marketing effects. Although social media cannot directly affect the SEO ranking of independent stations, it can affect some SEO ranking factors. Social media drives traffic to independent sites, so if you share a link to your page on your social media profile, you can drive more traffic to your independent site. Another benefit of establishing accounts for brands and websites on social media is to increase brand exposure. For example, when users search for your brand name on a search engine, you want more brand information to appear on the search engine page, which can not only increase the drainage channels, but also make users trust your brand more. For example, in the picture below, we see that when entering the brand name lululemon, in addition to its official page, we also see the brand’s social media accounts.

This article will introduce eight ways

Integrate marketing into social media 1 Create a Twitter account for customer service You can create a dedicated account for customer service, which is dedicated to responding to different questions and feedback from each customer. This can effectively improve the efficiency and convenience of customer service, which is common in companies Turkey Mobile Number List of all sizes. 2 Integrating email and social media This approach typically involves four different approaches: including social. Media icons in emails; adding social media share buttons to emails. Posting email campaigns on social media; Fans of the platform are converted into potential customers who can be contacted by email. 3 Strengthen search engine optimization through the combination of interesting content and social media.

Brands can improve their ranking

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On search engines by publishing valuable content on social platforms, which is one of the methods of search engine optimization. Only when the content becomes interesting, users will retweet or comment. Only when the interaction rate increases, will Google be able to index the content of this post. 4 Use social media to target journalists On social platforms, brands can actively follow journalists, comment and share their content. So that they Bab Directory actively follow the brand’s trends. Brands can also produce their own unique content, showcasing brand capabilities and expertise, and disseminate it through social media. 5. Combine social and traditional marketing with event tags Many big brands use event tags to promote their brand. And event tags provide a filtering mechanism to bring interested people together. Brands can attract interested groups and develop potential customers by affixing the same label.

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